October 15 Membership Meeting Recap

October 22, 2019

Thank you to all those who attended the most recent membership meeting.
Below is a short recap of our meeting.

Treasurer's Report was presented and adopted
Trustees Report was not presented but will be for the next meeting

President's Report:
Thanked the membership for supporting the executive to attend Bargaining Training and the CUPE National Convention in Montreal. Highlights of the convention included hearing Jagmeet Singh speak, receiving convention updates, and hearing sisters from South America talk about their labour movement and struggles.

Committee Reports:
Community Committee:

As reported by Scott J: the committee met recently to discuss ways of engaging the community. Options of reaching out to sports associations and attending community events with a CUPE booth were shared. With the goal of having the community understand the work our members do.
Social Committee:
Registration for the CUPE Christmas Party is now open. November 22 at Cascade Casino. Tickets are $20 each and can be purchased at a Recreation centre.
Confirmation of location for the Kids CUPE Christmas Party will be out shortly. The party will be on Dec 8 in a similar format to last year.

Unfinished Business:
Executive recommendation: Canadian Union of Public Employees will retain a permanent full-time Office Administrator covered by Canadian Office of Professional Employees Union Local 378.
Motion Passed

Call for Nominations for Bargaining Committee Member
Two members were nominated, one stood for the nomination.

Office Updates:
Currently waiting to receive drawings to move forward

Full minutes will be presented at the next membership meeting on November 12.

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