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Who We Are

 CUPE Local 403 represents the Township of Langley's municipal workforce.

The Local is comprised of approximately 460 full-time members and a further 450+ part-time and auxiliary members.

CUPE members dedicate themselves to ensuring Township residents receive the services they require in a professional, timely, and cost effective manner.

Such services include water, sanitary, and sewer. Community development, road maintenance, design and construction, and parks management along with many other recreation services, such as public pools and the museum in Fort Langley, are services our members strive to maintain for the public's pleasure.

Our members also contribute towards ensuring protective services (both RCMP & Fire) operate at peak operating capacity.

The contributions our members make, help keep the community and its residents healthy and safe on a daily basis.

Aside from working and living in Langley, many of our members, utilize the very services they provide.

Members are proud of the services they provide and are cognizant of the fact that residents part with hard earned income in the form of taxes. They, more than anybody, understand that residents trust us to use said taxes in the best possible manner.

CUPE 403 was created in 1963.

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